Kissinger Weighs In on Ukraine War, Says We Are Now in a 'Totally New Era'


As we enter the 11th week since Russia invaded Ukraine, the war is morphing into a tragic grind of death and destruction amid dwindling hopes of an imminent end to the conflict.

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger believes the war President Vladimir Putin ignited could be the death knell of Russia’s reign as a global superpower.

“The obvious question is … how long will this escalation continue and how much scope does he have for further escalation?” the 98-year-old Kissinger told the U.K.’s Financial Times on Saturday during its FT Weekend Festival in Washington.

“Or has he reached the limit of his capabilities, and he has to decide at what point escalating the war will strain his society to a point that will limit its fitness to conduct international policy as a great power in the future?”

Kissinger served as the national security advisor and secretary of state under former Republican Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.

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The Nobel laureate, who indicated he has met with Putin “20 to 25 times,” believes the Russian president made a grave error in attacking Ukraine because he misjudged how the geopolitical conflict would play out.

“I think he miscalculated the situation he faced internationally and he obviously miscalculated Russia’s capabilities to sustain such a major enterprise,” Kissinger told FT.

“And when the time for settlement comes, all parties will need to take that into consideration, that we are not going back to the previous relationship but to a position for Russia that will be different as a result of this — and not because we demand it, but because they produced it,” he added.

Kissinger, who said “we are now living in a totally new era,” expressed concern that if Putin decides to escalate the war, he might resort to using nuclear weapons to achieve his ends.

Will the war in Ukraine end this year?

And if that happens, it would unleash a catastrophic turn of events that would further polarize the world.

“When that point is reached, will he escalate by moving into a category of weapons that in 70 years of their existence have never been used?” Kissinger said.

“So if that line is crossed, that will be an extraordinarily significant event because we have not gone through globally what the next dividing lines would be. … But one thing we could not do, in my opinion, is just accept it,” he said.

Kissinger, who opposes U.S. efforts to impose regime change in Russia, also warned that the United States should not alienate China because driving these two powerful nations into an entrenched alliance is not in America’s best interests.

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No matter what happens, the retired diplomat believes there will be a dramatic shift in the world order once the Ukraine war ends.

“The geopolitical situation globally will undergo significant changes after the Ukraine war is over,” Kissinger told FT.

It’s obvious to anyone who has been paying attention that a new world order is indeed being carved out. This was happening long before Russia invaded Ukraine and will continue after the war ends.

Sadly for the United States, it will no longer occupy the top rung globally after this shift, thanks in part to the “America Last” agenda being pushed by President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party.

While the nation is engulfed by runaway inflation, daily border invasions, crushing debt and terrifying crime waves, the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives just voted to send an additional $40 billion to Ukraine to prolong the war.

Let this sink in: Billions of U.S. tax dollars are being sent to a foreign country to defend its sovereignty and borders while the U.S. southern border is left unguarded.

Meanwhile, there’s a shortage of baby formula in the United States.

A new world order will indeed emerge from the ashes of the coronavirus pandemic, the global oil crisis and America’s self-inflicted economic implosion. And it won’t be just Russia whose status will diminish once the dust clears.

With inept leadership in the White House and the destructive policies being promulgated by the left, the United States is on track to become just one of the herd instead of the forceful world leader it once was.

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